Getting off FODMAPS


I saw my nutritionist again this week, and we concluded that if the FODMAPs diet was going to work, it would have worked by now, but alas, no relief. Which means, woohoo! NO MORE FODMAPs FOR ME.

It’s worth mentioning how many people have contacted me saying that the FODMAPs was their miracle cure, how they felt a million times better immediately, and how it changed their entire lives. Don’t take my experience as the be all and end all. It does work for a lot of people.

In saying that, my first day off FODMAPs has been AMAZING. I had tomato and avocado on TOAST, I had rye crisp bread, I had my favourite coconut nice cream. Heaven! And I feel exactly the same as I did before, maybe even a touch better. So what more could you ask for?

We don’t have a diagnosis for what’s causing the chronic pain. Tomorrow I see my doctor and we will discuss the results of a few more tests, and then decide on a course of action. I am pretty keen to not have another set of endoscopies to test for Crohn’s, to be honest. Both my doctor and my nutritionist have suggested that a parasite could be a cause of the problem, despite the fact that “the parasite test” came back clean. It could be a parasite that they can’t test for. The treatment for that would be a long term, broad spectrum antibiotic, which would essentially wipe out everything in my gut and allow the good stuff to repopulate.

In the mean time, I’ve been to a hot yoga class, and tomorrow I’m going to another one as well as seeing my acupuncture doctor and my doctor doctor! So take that, chronic pain!

Thanks for the support from my family and friends I’m actually getting through this. I just cry all the time and watch Netflix, but I’m still here.

Cheers for reading,

M x

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