Acupuncture and Other New Thoughts

Three quarters of the way through! It’s been a bizarre few weeks and I can safely say I have not had any success with this diet (yet). No miracle cures for me, apparently! I’m now unsure if I should stay on it for an extra week or so to see if it just needs time to settle. At the same time, I am craving avocado on toast SO BAD. With margarine and salt and pepper. Get in me. #drool.

A few people have mentioned to me how much change they’ve noticed with their digestive systems since eliminating sugar from their diet, and while I don’t know how I would cope without processed peanut butter, I am contemplating giving this a go, maybe once I’ve recovered from this!

I am also considering going on a yoga binge, and maybe taking it up at Flow Hot Yoga here in my home town. 6.15am hot yoga classes every day for a week or two? Might give my stomach a kick up the butt that it needs!

In terms of a biomedicine diagnosis, my most recent tests for parasites in my gut came back clean. I am waiting on more test results this week, this time bloods to check my liver and kidneys, and another calprotectin test which will tell me if there is inflammation in my gut, which would be indicative of Crohn’s. That would probably lead on to a colonoscopy etc to determine if my symptoms fit more closely with Crohn’s, as it’s been a year since I was tested for it. Obviously, I’m not too keen on going down that road! So unless my calprotectin levels are considerably higher than last time, I think I’ll be leaving that one!

This week I also hit up acupuncture for the first time. I went to the doctor that my brother regularly sees and my bro came with me too, to give me some support. It was so scary, so bizarre, and ultimately helpful in a subtle but noticeable way – not a miracle cure, but I’ve felt some changes in the way my stomach feels after eating, and it’s also been gurgling which it hasn’t done for a long time! I’m really looking forward to going again and observing the changes as they happen. I had four pins: three in my feet, and one in my wrist. The wrist one was extremely painful, I was sure I’d lost the ability to use my hand! But my stomach started gurgling away while I was lying there (screaming and crying) and I’ve been in just a little bit less pain since then. Amazing!

It can be such a frustrating illness because I don’t know what’s causing all the pain, I really don’t think it’s what I eat and that thought has been backed up now that I’ve been on FODMAPs for three weeks and I’m in the same amount of pain/trouble that I was in beforehand. It’s frustrating because it’s fickle and unpredictable and hard to explain to people because they’re likely to tell me what they think I should or shouldn’t be eating, and good on them, I’d probably do the same! And it’s frustrating because it’s looking more and more likely that I’m not really nearing the end of this, that this is just the start of my journey towards a pain free life, and that is just so hard to accept.  I don’t want to spend my 20s in pain all day every day and end up missing out on fun stuff because of the pain and the inconvenience. Thinking about that is scary! And sad! And lots of other things.

So here’s to trying to remain positive in the face of adversity.

Cheers for reading,

M x

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