“Take care of yourself!” and other confusing instructions

I had a break-down last night. Full on hysterical crying, pounding headache, stomach pains the worst I’ve had in weeks, and associated digestive problems. Lay on the couch with a cold cloth on my head, crying, for about an hour.

I reacted badly to the bread recipe I put up on here. I don’t recommend it anymore! The good thing about making it though was that my reaction to it was severe enough for me to contact my nutritionist, who said she didn’t think eating gluten was a good idea right now anyway, and also my doctor’s office. They’ve said they will run some more tests for me next week, specifically looking for parasites.

Once I cheered up a bit last night I managed to get to a dinner with some friends from the department at Uni. Obviously I couldn’t eat any of the food there, but I’m so glad I went. They’re such great people, and nearly all of them said to me “Take care of yourself, okay?”

It’s such a lovely thing for people to say but today I didn’t really know what that meant. Taking care of myself, to me, is always associated with things like exercising, eating well, getting my assignments done on time, and so forth. But last night and this morning, with a bad headache and stomach cramps, any uni work I would do would be worthless, and I don’t want to do it anyway!

So, what does taking care of myself mean today?

Staying in bed late. Eating two-ingredient pancakes. Watching Netflix. Using my favourite body-wash in the shower. Doing some yoga. Texting my boyfriend. Giving myself a break from study and refusing to feel guilty about that. Watching YouTube. Trying to convince myself that this diet, my internship, my masters, and my life in general isn’t going to fall apart completely.

Although my stomach is still sore, my headache is mostly gone and I’m feeling much happier now. This diet is a million times harder than I thought it would be.

Onwards and upwards,

M x

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